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Light Gauge Stampings

Elyria Spring & Stamping provides the specialized light gauge stampings that you need to get the job done. Our light gauge stampings are custom for your needs. Since there is no such thing as a standard stamping, its important to find a stamp manufacturer that can provide your company with top-of-the line metal stampings.

For projects that require a finer gauge of metal, its important to have the right stamping equipment and procedures to produce a fine, bur free final product. We offer punch press products in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and for a variety of applications and industries. At Elyria Spring and Stamping, if you need it, we can make it. This is true for any gauge of stamping project. We would like to show you how precisely and specifically we can stamp your piece.

Our progressive stampings set an industry standard for quality. We use only the most precise progressive punch press and four-slide equipment. We can provide parts for any industry, including those that require precise sizing, finishing and strength to perform in high-tech equipment or complex machinery.

Our stamped products are often used in the consumer electronics, consumer automotive, computer hardware, communications equipment but can be used in any application that requires precision on a small scale with finely gauged stamped metal pieces.

Send us your custom metal stamping designs today and youll see why our customers keep coming back!

We can accommodate long or short runs and well maintain your tooling at no additional cost to you.


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