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Punch Press Products

According to Wikipedia.org, a punch press is a type of machine press used for forming and cutting material under pressure or by heavy blows. It can be small and manually operated and hold one simple Die set, or be very large; CNC operated, and hold a much larger and complex die set.

Elyria Spring & Stamping specializes in supplying punch press products often referred to as precision metal stampings, in a variety of sizes…for a wide range of industries. From simple designs to complex parts with tight tolerances, Elyria Spring & Stamping can meet your precise requirements.

To keep overall costs low, Elyria Spring and Stamping build their own punch press dies in-house. Some dies are small and complex. They can hold some close tolerances with precision dies, depending on materials being used. Their punch press dies are progressive, varying from a single progression up to 15 progressions or more, depending on the complexity of the part being manufactured. The punch presses Elyria Spring & Stamping uses range in size and tonnage. They currently have 12, 30, 32, 45 and 60 ton presses.

Send us your custom metal stamping designs today and you’ll see why our customers keep coming back!

We can accommodate long or short runs and we’ll maintain your tooling at no additional cost to you.


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