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About Elyria Spring & Stamping

With over 75 years of field experience, combined with the latest equipment, a modern facility, and ongoing training for our people, we are able to custom manufacture the highest quality custom designed metal stampings, fourslide products, springs, and wire forms to meet your exact specifications and needs.

Elyria Spring & Stamping puts over 75 years of manufacturing experience behind every product that we develop for our customers. Whether you need a few prototypes, or millions of parts, we provide the highest level of skill and quality control in each case. Our years of field experience, combined with the latest stamping equipment, plant improvements, and ongoing training for our people, help us serve you better. We assure you quick response time and the finest in engineering and production. Local ownership and advanced management technology support the efforts of Elyria Spring & Stamping to keep us responsive to providing quality solutions for our customers.



Our Employees Statement of Quality Responsibility:


Elyria Spring & Stamping is a company that strives to manufacture a quality product and respond to our customer's needs and expectations. We view our personnel with their individual experience as the key to our success.  Contact Elyria Spring & Stamping, a national provider of quality custom stampings and springs, stamped washers and wire forms for over 75 years!



We pride ourselves on providing:

  • Quick response time

  • State-of-the-art equipment

  • Extensive experience in spring tempered materials

  • Precise tolerancein place SPC, JIT, and Kanban programs

  • Skilled, trained, and dedicated craftsmen

  • In-process quality control systems

  • Made in the U.S.A

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