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Elyria Spring & Stamping offers you custom fourslide products which offers cost effective solutions and quick tournaround. 

Fourslide Products

Slide Forming machinery is a metal stamping technology that has been in use since the 1930's.  The technology uses four or more different slides to carry tooling horizontally to a central position on the part.  This accurate, repeatable, and powerful slide forming process can be used to produce precision quality parts at a much lower overall cost than those manufactured with power press tools.  


Types of products that are commonly manufactured on slide forming machines include spring clips, clamps, fasteners, brackets, wire forms, and specialty hardware.


Fourslide machines can be an extremely competitive method for manufacturing specific parts, particularly intricate springs, stampings, and wire forms used across a variety of industries.  The foourslide process produces a significantly reduced amount of material scrap because they do not require a carrying web like that needed by progressive tools.  When the cost of materials is high, minimizing waste is essential to the manufacturing the part cost-effectively.  This advantage  is particularly pronounced for parts made of higher cost stock and a high quantity.


Contact Elyria Spring and Stamping to discuss opportunities to reduce production costs utilizing fourslide machinery.






Fourslide Products (1)
Fourslide Products (2)
Fourslide Products (3)
Fourslide Products (4)

Elyria Spring & Stamping offers a number of customized offerings through fourslide machinery:


  • Spring Clips

  • Clamps

  • Fasteners

  • Brackets

  • Electrical Contacts

  • Battery Contacts

  • Small Metal Parts

  • Wire Forms

  • Specialty hardware and much more...

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