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As a custom spring manufacturer, we provide grinding services so you can have the ends for your compression springs that you need. Ground ends provide flat planes and stability. Spring grinding is required if the spring is to stand straight, meet flush with a flat surface or maintain uniform pressure on a flat surface.

Custom Compression and Spring Grinding Services

Ground end compression springs are particularly useful for applications in which:


  • High-duty springs are specified

  • Unusually close tolerances on load or rate is needed, solid height must be minimized

  • Accurate seating and uniform bearing pressures are required

  • Tendency toward buckling must be reduced


Grinding can be a slow and inefficient process, but Elyria Spring & Stamping has the experience and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to not only make it an efficient process but also save you time and money.


We maintain and inspect our compression spring grinders on a regular basis so that we can ensure that our services always provide the highest level of quality and time-saving benefits.



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