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Custom Spring & Stamping Products

At Elyria Spring & Stamping, we specialize in producing custom designed metal stampings, fourslide products, springs, and wire forms to meet your exact specifications and needs. We utlize state of the art equipment including fourslide, punch press, progressive die press, CNC wire formers, and CNC coilers.  

From one to one million parts and beyond, we can customize a cost effective solution for your business.

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Metal Stampings & Precision Products


Elyria Spring & Stamping specializes in supplying precision metal stampings, often referred to as punch press or progessive die products, in a variety of sizes, for a wide range of industries. From simple designs to complex parts with tight tolerances, Elyria Spring & Stamping can meet your precise requirements.


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  • Progressive Die

  • Punch Press

  • Vertical fourslide

  • Horizontal fourslide

Fourslide Products

Fourslide Products


As a leading manufacturer in metal stampings, Elyria Spring & Stamping offers you custom fourslide created springs, stampings, and wire forms at a more cost effective price point. 


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Fourslide Products:

  • Spring Clips

  • Fasteners

  • Clamps

  • Brackets

  • Electrical Contacts

  • Battery Contacts

  • Small Metal Parts




You may think that custom springs cost more than stock springs, but that is a common misconception. As a custom spring manufacturer, we can actually be much more competitive than a stock house, depending on the quantity of springs required.


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Custom Spring Products:

  • Compression Springs

  • Extension Springs

  • Torsion Springs

  • Conical Springs

  • Garter Springs

  • Rings

Wire Forms

Custom Wire Forms 


At Elyria Spring and Stamping, we create custom wire forms made from many different wire shapes including flat, round, square and rectangular spring wire. From simple designs to complex parts with tight tolerances, we can meet your precise requirements.


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  • CNC Wire Forming

  • Fourslide

  • Straighten and cut to length

  • Secondary forming

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