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As a custom manufacturer, our expert  Elyria Spring & Stamping craftsmen have been creating near net-shaped spring and wire prototypes for over 67 years. This process is now referred to as Rapid Prototyping, which supports our ability to develop custom solutions and meet our client's specifcations.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid spring and stamp prototyping services create physical parts from your virtual designs (CAD or animation modeling software).


We transform those designs into thin, virtual, horizontal cross-sections and then create each cross-section in physical space, one after the next until we have a finished model of your part that is nearly identical to the virtual model. Elyria Spring is known to take even the most complex designs.


With the advances in technology, our state-of-the-art facility and expert craftsmen, we work closely with your design engineers to solve even the most difficult design problem to produce almost any shape and geometric feature you require.


As your rapid spring and stamp prototyping vendor, we specialize in small production and runs of formed and flat materials.


When you send your designs to us, they will go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that we can create the prototype to your specifications. Both quality and efficiency are taken into account before a prototype is created.


Each team will review your design to assure we can produce the product and we have the necessary resources. The production team will work hard to create the prototype in the most efficient method. We operate with cross-functional teams to bring the highest level of quality and efficiency to every project.


Our project turnaround time is fast, usually a few business days, depending on the quantity required and material availability.


Once your rapid spring and stamp prototyping is complete, we offer a wide range of other specialty services to save you time and money.

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