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Solutions & Capabilities

At Elyria Spring & Stamping we not only specialize in manufacturing metal stampings, fourslide products, springs, and wire forms, we also offer a wide range of value added services to save you time and money.

Rapid Prototyping Service Image

Rapid Prototyping


Elyria Spring & Stamping specializes in rapid spring, stamping, and wire form prototyping services creating physical parts from your virtual designs (CAD or animation modeling software).


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Prototyping Advantages:

  • Small Batch Capability

  • Resource Alignment

  • Quality Control and Assurance

  • Quick Turnaround

Tool and Die Press Image

Tool and Die Production


At Elyria Spring & Stamping, we maintain a complete in-house tool and die shop to keep your overall costs low and to speed production of our customer’s custom springs, spring washers, wire forms and metal stampings. 


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Tool and Die in house support for: 

  • Draw exact dies with our advanced 3D software

  • Build out of new tools

  • Modify and repair tools while in production

  • Modify a furnished tool to run in our facility that may not be running well at another facility

  • Automate your existing manual tool to make it run more efficiently and save production cost

Sparks Grinding Services Image

Custom Compression and Grinding Services


Elyria Spring and Stamping provides grinding services so you can have the ends for your compression springs that you need. Ground ends provide flat planes and stability. Spring grinding is required if the spring is to stand straight, meet flush with a flat surface or maintain uniform pressure on a flat surface.


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Useful Applications where:

  • High-duty springs are specified

  • Unusually close tolerances on load or rate is needed, solid height must be minimized

  • Accurate seating and uniform bearing pressures are required

  • Tendency toward buckling must be reduced

Assorted Spring Assembly Image

Assembly Services


We assemble the components with springs and stampings so you don’t have to. By outsourcing your value added assembly work to Elyria Spring, you can streamline your processes and lower your costs.


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Cost Advantages by reducing:

  • Number of suppliers you have to work with for each project

  • Number of shipments you receive

  • Amount of transactional paperwork you have to handle and process

Packaging Service Image

Packaging Services


We offer value added packaging services to you. Our experience in packaging can help you come up with the most cost-effective packaging solution for your parts.


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Increased efficiency enabling:

  • Streamline your packaging process

  • Cost reduction

  • Supplier and shipment reductions 

  • Administrative and transactional overhead

VMI Image

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)


Our goal with our vendor management inventory system is to optimize your supply chain performance to streamline business processes.


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VMI  Key Advantages:

  • Save money by increasing your initial product run

  • Provide quick turn-around to your customers

  • Reduce shipping costs by shipping only once…to your customer

  • Reduce your facility costs by warehousing with us

Kitting Services Image

Kitting Services 


Elyria Spring & Stamping specializes in assembling multiple components unitized to your specification or kitting. Kitting is the process of placing two or more items together to form one group of product, to be shipping as single item.


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Increased efficiency enabling:

  • Streamline your packaging process

  • Supplier and shipment reductions 

  • Administrative and transactional overhead reductions

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