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Elyria Spring & Stamping offers you custom spring washers with quick tournaround and at a competitive price. 

Spring Washers

With the trend toward miniaturization and compact design, spring washers, sometimes referred to as stamped washers, are often the solution. They allow both space and weight advantages over wire springs and, when compared on an installed cost basis, they are often more economical to use.


Configuring your spring washers offers even higher load support and flexibility with deflection.


  • To Increase Load – stack spring washers in parallel (in the same way). A single spring washer has a specific load for a given deflection; two washers stacked in parallel yields double the load of a single washer for the same deflection; three washers yield triple the load, and so on.


  • To Increase Deflection – stack spring washers in series (opposite each other). Two spring washers stacked in series yields double the deflection of a single washer for the same load; three washers yield triple the deflection, and so on.

Elyria Spring & Stamping offers custom washers in a variety of sizes and materials including:


  • Belleville Washers

  • Curved Washers

  • Wave Washers

  • Finger Washers

Belleville Washers Image

Belleville Washers


Belleville washers are typically used as springs, or to apply a pre-load of flexible quality to a bolted joint or bearing. Some properties of Belleville washers include: high fatigue life, better use of space, low creep tendency, high load capacity with a small spring deflection and possibility for high hysteresis (damping) by stacking several belleville washers on top of each other in the same direction.

Curved Washers Image

Curved Spring Washers 


Elyria Spring manufactures precision engineered curved spring washers for a variety of uses. In today’s world, companies are continuously looking for new ways to make their products smaller and more efficient. The curved spring washer can meet those needs when weight and space is concerned. They exert relatively light thrust loads and are often used to absorb axial end play. They also reduce vibration.


When you need a supplier for your curved spring washers, Elyria Spring & Stamping is your full-service solution. We can custom manufacture for long or short runs.


Our curved spring washers are made with finely tempered spring steel with some sizes being made of stainless steel. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials. See our metals & finishes list. We manufacture with materials ranging from .010” to .100” in diameter and more!


Elyria Spring & Stamping is dedicated to being your curved spring washer manufacturer that is there for you every step of the way.

Wave Washers Image

Wave Washers


Wave washers (or wave springs) are wavy metal washers designed to provide a compensating spring force and sustain a load or absorb shock. Wave washers are commonly called spring washers. Wave washers are disks of metal that are formed in an irregular shape. When the washer is loaded it deflects, acts like a spring, and provides a preload between two surfaces. 


Important dimensions to consider when specifying the size of wave washers are:

  • Inside & Outside Diameter: The inside and outside diameter are the most important dimensions.

  • Thickness or Working Height: The thickness or working height refers to either the thickness of the washer material, or the working height (installed height) for the product.

  • Rated or Working Load: The rated or working load is the maximum or optimal working load for the product. Wave washers are often rated at 50% compression.

Finger Washers Image

Custom Finger Spring Washers


Elyria Spring & Stamping manufactures custom finger spring washers in a variety of finishes, sizes and materials. Our washers are designed to counteract noise, excess wear and vibrations due to high speeds. They are often used to promote efficiency and operate smoother on rotating elements, such as a ball-bearing. Our stock sizes for finger spring washers are made of high carbon steel and are available in many types of finishes including phosphate, black oxide and more. See our metals & finishes list for more information on our custom products. We manufacture with materials ranging from .010” to .100” in diameter and more!


Elyria Spring manufactures both custom and stock finger spring washers. If you have a prototype, Elyria Spring has the capabilities to manufacture your finger spring washer from concept and development all the way through to packaging. Our team operates under strict company-wide guidelines of quality control to ensure your products are manufactured to our customer’s specifications. No job is too large and we can accommodate both long and short runs. We will even maintain your tooling at no additional cost to you.


Elyria Spring & Stamping offers everything that our customers need to improve efficiency and save money on their finger spring washer manufacturing.

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