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At Elyria Spring & Stamping, we understand the needs of our customers for a warehousing and short run solution. This is why we provide our Vendor Management Inventory System (VMI), often referred to in the industry as Just-in-Time.

Vendor Management Inventory System (VMI)

The Vendor Management Inventory system is all about having “the right material, at the right time, at the right place, and in the exact amount.”

With our VMI system you can:


  • Save money by increasing your initial product run

  • Provide quick turn-around to your customers

  • Reduce shipping costs by shipping only once…to your customer

  • Reduce your facility costs by warehousing with us


Our goal with our vendor management inventory system is to optimize your supply chain performance to streamline business processes.


Elyria Spring & Stamping is a true full-service manufacturing partner. We can provide cost and time-saving solutions for our customers that aid in making businesses run more efficiently. Elyria Spring designs and manufactures custom springs, metal stampings and wire forms from many different materials, finishes and sizes.


We create rapid prototypes from digital designs and produce them in a physical space. We also provide many services aside from manufacturing such as tooling, grinding, packaging, assembly, and kitting.


Elyria Spring & Stamping operates with an ISO 9001-2008 certification. We have the capabilities to work with large suppliers that operate nationwide. Our award-winning services speak for themselves in terms of our ability to deliver large orders with a reputation of 100% on time and 100% fill.


The entire team at Elyria Spring understands what it means to be a solution center.


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